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The Monuments of Mars : A City on the Edge of Forever

by: Richard C. Hoagland

One of the more underrated astute and articulate geniuses of our time is the renowned Richard C. Hoagland. For many years he has tirelessly championed the scientific evidence for an enormous Face on Mars. A face which is highly suggestive of an advanced humanlike civilization once having a presence on Mars. The most significant findings by Richard's team is the consistent appearance of a mathematical constant of 19.5 occurring over and over again when the Cydonia area of Mars mapped near the Face and the D & M Pyramids. The 19.5 constant occurs repeatedly at sacred sites, on planets, in living things. To discount Richard Hoagland's remarkable hypotheses is both ignorant and shortsighted. This book is a must read for any thinking person.

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The Case for the Face : Scientists Examine the Evidence for Alien Artifacts on Mars

Editors: Stanley V. McDaniel and Monica Rix Paxson

This book further expounds upon the original evidence for the Face being an artificial structure. The book is co-edited by Stanley V. McDaniel who also wrote the well-known McDaniel Reort, a book which clearly showed NASA was covering up data regarding the Face on Mars. Another must read if this is your area of interest.

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The Martian Enigmas : A Closer Look

by: Mark J. Carlotto

This book is written by Mark J. Carlotto. Mark's scientific credentials are impeccable. Carlotto has been associated with with Richard Hoagland for a long time. It was also Mark Carlotto who was the key individual in the redating of the age of the Great Pyramids. Definitely another must read for anyone following this saga.

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Sacred Geometry : Philosophy and Practice

by: Robert Lawlor

For those not familiar with the roles that "sacred geometry" play in the Face on Mars mystery, I am recommending this basic beginner book. Mathematical structure constructs the universe. Sacred geometry deals mostly with the analysis of the structures of human and other living things. It picks up a thread where The Face on Mars leaves off.

Don't Look Up : The Real Story Behind the Virginia Ufo Sightings

by: Danny Gordon and Paul Dellinger

I know the authors quite well, especially Paul. I am mentioned throughout the book which is always good for the ego. And, since I was there, I feel good about the credibility of this book. There was much more to this event than was aired on Unsolved Mysteries, but that is always the case isn't it?

Solved : The T. J. Beale Treasure Code of 1822

by: Ray Kendall

Beale Treasure: NEW History Of A Mystery

by: Peter Viemeister

Gold in the Blue Ridge : The True Story of the Beale Treasure/Special Collectors Edition

by: Pauline B. Innis and Walter Dean Innis

A New Science of Life

by: Rupert Sheldrake

This is a book on the revolutionary thinking of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. His theories of "formative causation" or "morphogenic fields" can change the way we understand the underlying forces of nature and physical reality.

The Presence of the Past : Morphic Resonance & the Habits of Nature

by: Rupert Sheldrake

This book contains more of the ideas introduced in Rupert Sheldrake's first book "A New Science of Life." Though it would be better to read "A New Science of Life" first, this book stands alone for the reasonably intelligent reader.

Seven Experiments That Could Change the World : A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Revolutionary Science

by: Rupert Sheldrake

In this book by biology rebel Rupert Sheldrake, he outlines experiments that almost anyone can do which can prove things like ESP exist, and that it is a key component in many if not all animal behaviors. A must read for those into the paranormal and a desire to give it scientific legitimacy.