I'm Barbara Finney.

Did you know that you could be making between $100 and $300 cash a day?

And as important as the DAILY cash, you'll master Internet marketing skills that will allow you to COMFORTABLY maintain a 6-figure annual income.

This is no pipe dream!

Reading this letter will take you approximately 15 minutes. And if you'll make that investment, you'll learn about an Internet business system that could open the door to a whole new way of life. One that can make you a comfortable living...and at the same time, leave you with plenty of free time to enjoy that income.

In case you're wondering...it's called a lifestyle!

Just recently I read a news story that stated that the number of people online was doubling every 100 days. I'm not sure if I buy those figures...but the fact remains that the Internet is literally exploding into all our lives. By ANY accounting, the numbers are astounding.

Nowadays you can't watch a TV commercial that doesn't have a website or an email address on it. It's EVERYWHERE...

And that's just the beginning! Within the next 5 years, there will be virtually NO area of our lives that this amazing communication revolution hasn't changed. It's a worldwide social/economic revolution.

And for the entrepreneur, it's the new wild west!

It's pretty heady stuff! And all the media attention is creating a virtual stampede of people who are going online to stake their claim. To get their part of this NEW Internet wealth now being created.

But there's a another story! One that's NOT being told...

In the midst of all the hype and excitement is one very important fact that's getting little, if any, media attention. Here it is...95% of all online business never make one dime of profit. That's right! 95% NEVER make a dime!

And it's not just the mom and pop businesses. Many fortune 500 companies have invested millions in their efforts to capitalize on this worldwide phenomena...only to have their efforts totally bomb.

It's very strange...
We're talking about a communications medium so powerful that you can instantly transmit a document to thousands of people with just the push of a button. Where a mouse click can put your salesletter in front of anyone online...ANYWHERE on the planet.

Yet in spite of all this incredibly powerful technology...why is it that most of those involved in e-commerce are losing money??

The answer is simple...

The Internet is a TOTALLY new medium...with a new culture, operating under new rules, and utilizing a brand new set of technologies.

To succeed, all you have to do is:

Sounds simple enough. But here's the problem with that...learning the rules and mastering the technologies takes time. LOT'S of time. And it's almost certain that you WON'T make any money online till you do.

The question is...
How long will that take? 3 months? 6 months? A year?? Do you have the determination and resources to hold on...till you get it all figured out??

That's the PROBLEM...

Here's the SOLUTION...
In December of 98 a unique online training program was launched. It was created just for the purpose of providing help for those who are new to the Internet...and who are seeking for some way to make money on the net.

It's called "BootCamp - Basic Training For E-Marketing Success".

"BootCamp" is just what it sounds like. It's a continually updated website, providing "basic training" for aspiring Internet entrepreneurs. It's formatted to take you step-by-step from "wanna-be"...to web-smart marketing professional.

The training provided through BootCamp is thorough, practical, and cumulative. Each lesson taking up where the last one left off. And the best part is...while you're getting your own education, You can market access to the program, and create your own daily cash flow in the process. But I'm getting ahead of myself...we'll talk about that in a minute.

Here's some of what you'll learn at BootCamp:

Section 1. Laying The Foundation For ONLINE Success.

These eight foundational articles are the heart and soul of BootCamp. They delve into the basic nature of the new Internet business culture now emerging. Without a practical understanding of that culture it's very doubtful you'll ever realize any online profits.

Here are the titles to those articles...

Section 2. Basics of PERSONAL Success.

PRIVATE victory always precedes PUBLIC victory. It's the difference between just getting by...and getting rich! This section offers a simplified step-by-step guide to organizing your time...your priorities...and your life.

Section 3. Basics of BUSINESS Success.

Section 4. Basic COMPUTER Skills.

If you don't know how to copy, cut, and paste...then the finer points of list management, opt-in marketing, or web page design won't mean much.

Here are some of the lessons found in this section...

Section 5. Basic MARKETING Skills.

Some of the lessons in this section are ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL! They will make you or break you. For example...if you can't write a good ad...then you might as well trade in your computer for an etch-a-sketch. Because the one is as likely to make you money as the other.


Here are some of the articles you'll find in this section:

Section 6. Marketing Tools. You're only as good as the tools you use.


We provide ongoing help and training. When you join, you are are automatically placed on our mailing list and receive our bi-weekly CC UPDATES.

Here are a few of the CC UPDATE articles:

These are just SOME of the lessons you'll learn as a member of BootCamp.

It's a lot of information to learn! But the GOOD news is...YOU DON'T HAVE TO LEARN IT ALL, in order to get the cash flowing...Which brings to the other half of the program.

It's called the "CookieCutter".

The CookieCutter is a simple little 2-step marketing system that can produce enough fast cash to keep you motivated and profitable...while you're getting your training as an Internet Marketing Professional.

The product you market through CC is access to BootCamp. Access to BootCamp is a one time $20. And the entire $20 is paid by the customer DIRECTLY to you!

Here's how it works...
The marketing process begins with short powerful classified ads. We'll teach you how to write them...and where to place them. Each of your ads will have a link to this salesletter. Only this time, it will be YOUR salesletter..with YOUR contact information.

In that letter will be a link to YOUR payment options.

Once your prospect reads your salesletter and decides to join BootCamp...they click to YOUR payment options page and either pay by online check or credit card. And as soon as payment is submitted, your CookieCutter AUTOMATICALLY
provides them access to BootCamp.

It's done by your system...
You don't usually even know they exist until the sale is a done deal.
Like I said...
Unlimited access to both the CookieCutter setup site and the BootCamp training system is a one time $20.

Is it worth it??? Here are excerpts from several of HUNDREDS of unsolicited letters sent to the home office...

"I am absolutely delighted with the CC Materials and the BootCamp. You are an inspiration and the integrity which shines throughout your program is a much needed relief to a jaded businessman whose experience stems mainly from the days when there was no "net". Nancy's spiritual uplifts resonate with both my wife and I. I can't wait to complete the course, put your precepts in to practice and enjoy an interesting and valid enterprise future following your shining example."

"Even if our monetary rewards never "hit the heights" this is going to be an exhilarating journey."

"I thank you both for your dedication, professionalism and obvious hard work and wish you much continued success."

Tim M.
"I wish I had the information in the BootCamp 4 years ago, some of us don't know
how lucky we are to have paid/bought this program for only $20. I would have charged $100+ for the information. Sure some of us would say that we could
find this information on our own. Well, I say to you, if your new to the
Internet it would take you approx. 300 hours/mo or more for at least 3 months (being conservative) to put it all together."

Tony G.
Here's a word from the founder of CookieCutter/BootCamp:

"To me, the marketing business is a fascinating way to make money. The excitement of getting cash and checks in the mail and through your computer is totally addictive."

"For many years I worked as a bodyman...struggling to feed five kids. During those years I became interested in direct marketing, and over time...learned to write a good ad."

"In January of 88 I bought a computer and went online. From January to December, I ignored what I'd learned about direct marketing in favor of the marketing advice given out by the online "gurus".

"During those eleven months I didn't make one single penny. So, in desperation, I dumped my "supermarket" site, and started running little classified ads. Each ad was linked to it's own autoresponder...which delivered a powerful salesletter, marketing only ONE product. I call this "focused" marketing. The products I sell are digitally delivered info-products, which have amazing profit margins."

Once I went back to this simple 2-step, focused marketing approach...the cash immediately started flowing. And it's never stopped. Now I make more in a month...than I ever made in a whole year. And I have the time to enjoy life
with my family."

"It's a dream come true!"

"Everything my family and I have learned in the last 2 years, we've put into CookieCutter/BootCamp. Our education continues. And as we learn more about this amazing business, we add these lessons to the site. We're committed to keeping our members informed about new trends and developments as they emerge. Things move so fast in this business that this is critical."

"As I see it...
Your choice is simple...you can go out and learn on your own what it's taken me 25 years to learn. Or you can invest twenty dollars...and spare yourself the frustration of trying to master Internet marketing on your own."

"CC/BC can make you some fast money. But the REAL value is what you'll learn in the process."

"Once you learn the basics of Internet marketing, and how to use the available online tools...then you can use that knowledge to create and operate multiple cookie cutters...each producing it's own income stream for you."

"Once you reach this point, you hold the keys to the kingdom!"

"I wish you success."
Gary White

Now it's decision time...
You can pass on CookieCutter/BootCamp...and blow your $20 on popcorn at the movies. But you should understand..."IF YOU KEEP ON DOING WHAT YOU'VE BEEN DOING, YOU'RE GONNA KEEP ON GETTING WHAT YOU'VE BEEN GETTING!

Your other option is to "risk it all" and become a member.

Just Imagine...within 24-48 hours you could be receiving checks through your computer! And once you reach that point, you're just a stone's throw away from mastering a marketing system that could revolutionize your life!

If you think you can...you're right!
If you think you can't...you're also right!
It's your call!

Barbara Finney
117 Silver Hill Lane
Phenix, Va. 23959-2508

PS - Here are a just a couple of paragraphs taken from letters on file at the CC home office. Copies can be supplied on request.

>From a single mom...
In my first month - January 2nd through January 31st, 1999, "In less than a full month, I made over $2,000 in CookieCutter autosales.

>From an Internet newbie...
"This takes you "Back to the Basics" in a way that is totally clear and easy to understand. I started making money from Day One....and if I can do it, ANYONE can!"

There you are...this simple little system really does work!

Ready to find out for yourself??
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