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Marketing genius Mark Blumenthal took the Banner Explode! concept one step further with Banner Explode! 2. Blumenthal wanted to assure that every banner displayed gets a visit, no matter what. Therefore, Banner Explode! 2 requires new members to visit 5 other member websites (however brief your visit). This system has proved to generate over 10 TIMES MORE website visitor traffic than the great original Banner Explode!

And it couldn't be simpler... There are five banners at the bottom of this webpage. For someone to become a member of Banner Explode! 2 they must visit all five of these member sites, and obtain the "member ID number" at the very bottom of each site. That's how this system guarantees traffic to all member sites!

Not Just Banner "Exposures"...


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Remember, it doesn't matter how you get people to your site. What matters is that you're exposing them to your sales message, your photos, your offer and so on. If they have an interest, they'll take a look. Imagine having tens of thousands of people visiting your website, each and every day, GUARANTEED!

The system is very simple which is why it produces such great results. And it's FREE and open to all sites profit or not. Simply make a link from your main page to your own special page (like this one) containing 5 banners, and in a short time you can have your own banner displayed on as many as 50,000 web sites or more each and every minute of each and every day. Here's the really great part... you don't get just banner exposures, you get VISITORS TO YOUR SITE, up to 50,000 or more GUARANTEED !!


Many webmasters will visit your site and join the program, taking your banner with them and rotating it from the top position to the second position. Webmasters who visit their sites do the same. By the time your banner rotates to 5th position you will be on a guaranteed minimum of 50,000 sites in a short time. Let's demonstrate! Assume only 15 webmasters visit your site and join Banner Explode! 2 (this number will be much larger if you actively market your site!). Let's also assume each of those 15 webpages are also visited by 15 webmasters who join. The cycle continues until your banner cycles through the fifth position.

This conservative example assumes only 15 people sign up at each level...

> From your site 15 people sign up - that's 15 sites with your banner in position #2.
> They each sign up 15 which totals 225 sites with your banner in position #3.
> Those 225 sign up 15 each and that's 3,375 sites with your banner in position #4.
> Those 3,375 sign up 15 each and your banner is now seen on 50,625 sites in position #5.

The result is: 15x15x15x15 = 50,625.
Your Banner is Displayed at 50,625 sites!
You will get 50,625 actual visits to your site, GUARANTEED!

This system works amazingly well on the Internet. There is nothing to slow it down. You can put up your explode.html webpage today and have 5 or 10 sign-ups within a few days! With it being so easy to join you could literally have over 50,000 sites carrying your banner within a short time! The system works extremely well so be prepared for some massive visitor traffic to your site! Remember, Banner Explode! 2 doesn't just generate massive banner exposures, it generates GUARANTEED VISITS to your site, because members are required to visit your banner. And that translates to guaranteed MASSIVE VISITOR TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE !!

Your Hit Counter on Steroids!

It's a fact: The homepages for major high-traffic sites like www.Yahoo.com, www.excite.com, www.lycos.com and www.hotbot.com are 99% text and contain virtually no graphics! (see for yourself right now) Why are these pages so "light"? To conserve bandwidth, because these pages get millions of hits per day. Now look at the webpage you're on right now... Very low graphics content. Hot Tip #1: When you join Banner Explode! 2 you will want to keep this page as small as possible. Do not add unnecessary graphics or you may find that once your traffic EXPLODES your ISP will want to charge you for additional bandwidth. Hot Tip #2: Once you see your counter begins to soar, ask your ISP what is your maximum monthly bandwidth and throughput, and what the charges are for additional traffic. If you get TOO MUCH traffic you will need to host with an ISP that specializes in high bandwidth. Seek out ISPs that host search engines and portal sites, free email sites, and adult sites. If your traffic explodes and you're not ready for it, you can always temporarily disable your explode.html webpage.


#1. GUARANTEED VISITS Because all new members are required to visit 5 other sites, this system is designed to guarantee you visitors (not just banner exposures)

#2. QUICK AND EASY SIGN-UP People can sign-up from your site with ease.

#3. IT'S FREE Say no more...

#4. CHEATER PROOF Whenever someone registers under a member's page, our Bot visits and validates that member's page.

Step 1: Participate

Visit all five websites by clicking on banners below, and obtain each website's ID# located at the bottom of each of their webpages. Enter the ID#'s below.

Site 1
Site 2
Site 3
Site 4
Site 5

Next visit this sponsor website: www.BannerExplode.com/sponsor and obtain the sponsor ID code located at the bottom of the sponsor's webpage. Enter the Sponsor ID# below.

Sponsor Site
Step 2: Register

Register with Banner Explode! 2 by entering your e-mail and website addresses below and clicking the submit button. Within minutes your new ID# will be e-mailed to you.

E-mail address:
Website address:
I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions
I have read and agree to the Anti Spam Policy
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Step 3: Create Your Webpage

  1. Save this file to your system as explode.html
    To do this, from you browser's top menubar, click "File" then select "Save As..."

  2. Save all three of the following banners to your system.
    To do this, right click on each banner and select "Save Image As..."

    Even if you are not going to use all three banners yourself, you must save all three, so that new members who join below you can have access to all three banners.

  3. Place one of the above banners on your main page, and have it link to your explode.html page.

    Remember to display the banner prominently... the more people who click this banner and go to your explode.html page, the larger your downline, and the more traffic you'll ultimately get to your main page! For best results, use multiple banners: place horizontal banners at the top and bottom of your main page, and place the square banners in the left and/or right columns of your page. Also place banners on as many of your subpages as possible!

  4. Place your new ID# (which you just received by e-mail) at the bottom of your main page.

  5. Finally, place your own banner in your explode.html file:

    1. Remove the banner in the #5 position
    2. Move the other banners down one position each
    3. Place yours in #1 position







Good Luck!
Now get yourself ready for
some MASSIVE traffic to your website !!