Immortality is necessary to humans if full human potential is to ever be reached. Aging without growing old results in eventual increases in knowledge and wisdom. Societies of immortals become more respectful of life and more reverent toward children. Eventually things like crime and cruelty disappear. Mental illness ceases to exist. Earth psychiatrists based in Freudianism universally think that it is the mind's inability to deal with sex that creates most psychosis, but I am aware of reasearch that it is the inability to deal with death that creates all psychosis. In particular people with very high IQs are very prone to existential depression due to this death thing. Eliminate death and aging and you eliminate a whole domino chain of problems. The fears regarding overpopulation don't wash. The reproduction rate in societies of immortals initially drops once immortality is achieved. Immortality will always be linked to other benefits of the technologies that created the possibilites of immortality. I reccommend that everyone read a layman's book on nanotechnology called "Engines of Creation" by K. Eric Drexeler. For the nitpickers who will find flaws I can also recomend other books on nanotech that are not for laymen due to complex technical details, some of these are: "Nanosystems" by K. Eric Drexler, "Unbounding the Future" by K. Eric Drexeler and Chris Peterson with Gayle Pergamit, "Prospects in Nanotechnology" edited by Markus Krummenacker and James Lewis with a forward by K. Eric Drexeler. Nanotech not only holds the promise of true immortality but of a technology that can eventually heal the environmental damage done by most first generation technologies. Kind of like a homeopathic principal where we use like to correct imbalance in like. Life-extension is the first step in living long enough to become immortal. There are a number of life extension links on this site. I feel everyone needs to utilize any and every technique to extend life, even if it seems silly. I don't recommend those with associated risks. Qi Gung practice is one of my special favorites. Vitamins, some herbs with knowledge and caution. I even like the 5 Tibetan rites that are so popular. If it does not hurt and might help even a small bit, I say use it.

More links to studies and advances relating to immortality will be added in the future. Any help will be appreciated.