Welcome to the TAELANET web site. Even for those of you used to strange web sites, this one might get a little out there for you but bear with me. We mean you no harm earthlings! (grin) Though I intend to present and cover a lot of very serious material here, I think that a sense of humor is desirable and very necessary.

This site is intended to serve a number of purposes. Its primary purpose is to be a central point for all my ideas and activities. It serves as a place for friends and family members to gather no matter how far apart we all live at various times.

It is a place to explore the unknown and the alternative with like minds. It is to be a forum for what has been called "Star People" those who meet a profile of having certain physical and psychological traits very different from the norm. Alien hybrids if you will. These people also have knowledge and memories that suggest some connection to another world. Some think they are reincarnated Atlanteans or aliens or perhaps they have genetic memories caused by being in part engineered by aliens. The final truth is yet to be determined, but Star People abound. Most stay hidden and keep their status to themselves as admitting to thinking you may be a half-breed alien or a reincarnated one is not a good way to obtain job security. That this may be a purely psychological phenomenon can't be ruled out, but by the criteria of Occam's Razor it is unlikely. The evidence found in Star People suggests far more is going on.

For the sake of people who do not yet know they are Star People I will reiterate some of the known traits. These traits were first noted by writer Brad Steiger, and more traits have been noted since his original research. Some of these traits are:

Extra vertebra or ribs, odd or rare blood types, lower than normal body temperatures, lower than normal blood pressures, unusual susceptibility to allergies and therefore sinusitis, sometimes regular PVC's or extra heartbeats. There is a tendency for star people to have a greater than normal love of violent thunderstorms, nature, rainbows, crystals, willow trees, eagles, unicorns, pegasi, stars, lakes, streams, mountains, hummingbirds and so forth. Animals and children are unusually attracted to Star People. They are the ones the stray cats and lost dogs always gravitate to. They have odd eyes also sometimes called bedroom eyes so named for their deep compelling look. Star people have a very high percentage of artists among them. They are usually more intelligent than average, more interested in things like UFO's than average and so on. Many are attracted to things termed "new age."

Taelans are a subset of Star People. They will be ones that Brad Steiger termed "refugees." Taelans if they think about it will usually remember having been involved in some great interplanetary war, they can sometimes be triggered into whole new series of recalls simply by asking them to think about the home world with its two moons. Once a world with two moons is mentioned to a Star Person who I think is Taelan, then they will often describe feelings like becoming dizzy or disoriented, or like someone hit them in the pit of the stomach, as waves of memories momentarily wash over them before they abruptly stop. Many Star People can't handle awakening too suddenly and will run away from the issue sometimes permanently. Some will take up drinking if the memories get to be too much. Some will immerse themselves in endless distracting activities. Some handle it better than others. taela.net will hopefully become a place to work out the emotional travails of the dichotomy of finding ones self living in one identity and culture when you can remember clearly living in another culture a very different one and in my opinion a far better one.

My own memories of Taela(the home world) started long ago when I was a toddler perhaps sooner. As a child I could ignore the memories and agree with adult assessments that anything strange I mentioned was the result of "an overactive childish imagination." However years of research into my families background and events surrounding my own awakening to my hybrid nature have taught me that whatever this is, it is not our imaginations.

This web site is still under construction and will always be changing as I find new things to add. I hope to add a chat room in the near future, meanwhile we can all talk via e-mail and I can post summaries of breaking news.

In the art gallery section here I have one sketch of one of my early Taelan memories. It is the picture called "Haunting Memory." "Hidden Encounter" is just UFO art and represents no memory that I am aware of. I include horse art or whatever I want up there, it is meant to be shared with friends and family, none of it is really for sale though in the past I have sold copies of the horse pen and inks. I might do so again when set up to do so.

My commercial section will be devoted to stuff I do sell because I believe in it and it has helped me. My long range hope for this site is that I can bring enough Taelans together to brainstorm ways to save this very damaged world. I would hope that we can become active forces to help make this world into a Utopia, not a place where everyone lives in fear and anger all the time, where war and power are the only games in town, where money ceases to have meaning and we all truly care about one another and all life. Where we can shift destructive technologies into constructive life-oriented ones and do this without disenfranchising anyone. There are ways to have win-win scenarios where prosperity and freedom can prevail and everyone can have a productive place in society without resorting to frankly evil protectionist manipulations of governments. I know this won't be easy but it is our only hope and we have to try.

You see I remember Taela very well and I remember its history very well. Taela was once in the same social state that the Earth is in now, and I remember how we pulled through those turbulent times to create one of the finest Utopias that ever existed. Many people caught up in the current paradigm may not agree or if they agree may not like the steps needed to become a Utopia, but I hope that we can prevail upon the greater wisdom that resides ultimately within everyone.


So Welcome Long Lost Family!

Very Welcome Indeed.

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