Barbara E. Finney


Barbara Finney attended The University of Houston and The University of Texas at Houston through the Memorial Hospital Systems. Her curriculum was pre-med with long range intentions toward becoming a conventional physician. She worked for a number of years in hospitals as a respiratory therapist. During this same time frame she researched and wrote magazine articles on a wide range of topics. She saw the great potential of alternative medicine and many of her articles and public talks are on the subjects of alternative medical treatments. She will write on "leading edge" aspects of medicine occasionally, such as new imaging devices, and new non-invasive and non-chemo based treatments.

After giving up medicine, Barbara turned to full time writing. Her feature article writing credits include bylines in WRITER'S DIGEST, UFO REVIEW, GRAY BARKER'S NEWSLETTER, FATE, LISTEN, HOME LIFE MAGAZINE, CHARLOTTE CITY MAGAZINE, HORSE OF COURSE, THE STATESMAN, as well as many others. She currently writes a weekly newspaper column for THE LEDGER.

Her public speaking engagements include being a UFO panelist on a gathering in Rural Retreat Lake area in Virginia regarding a number of UFO incidents in that area. Her exploits in the events which occurred at Rural Retreat can be read about in the book DON'T LOOK UP by Paul Dellinger and Danny Gordon. They also include numerous talks at a variety of conventions in Virginia, South Carolina, and surrounding areas. She speaks on UFOs, paranormal phenomena in general, and alternative medicine and science.

Other interests and hobbies, besides the paranormal and alternative subjects, include reading, raising and training show horses, raising chickens, gardening (both outdoor flower and vegetable and indoor tropical plants). Also on the hobby list are painting in acrylics and drawing in pen and ink, building miniature dollhouses, qi gung and tai chi, photography, sewing, knitting, woodworking, camping and survival skills, sculpting, travel, archaeology, history, life-extension, nanotechnology research. She is adding being a webmaster and learning HTML to her list. An engaged mind usually has many engagements.


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