The acronym U.F.O stands for "unidentified flying object." This term was first layed out by Dr. J. Allan Hynek, who also classified types of UFO events as Close encounters of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd kind. Prior to this attempt to lay a veneer of scientific organization to the subject, UFO's had been called "flying saucers." The term "flying saucer" was first coined by pilot Kennth Arnold who reported seeing several disk shaped objects skimming over the mountains where he was flying his plane. He described them as looking like "saucers skipping on water" and a news reporter took this and wrote about them as "flying saucers" and the term took off in the minds of the public at the time. The date of the Kenneth Arnold sighting wasJune 24th 1947. This is universally considered to be the beginning of the "modern" era of UFO's. But by no means did the phenomena of UFO's begin with Kenneth Arnold. There have been drawings found on prehistoric cave walls that were accurate depictions of what anyone today would recognize as a drawing of a UFO. Ships records indicate the crews of the ships of Christopher Columbus encountered classic UFO phenomena upon their approach to the shores of 14th century America. The Ancient Romans saw UFO's and called them 'flying shields." In Ancient India, they were called Viamna." Native American tribes had many names for them, such as 'flying copper canoes," "singing silver baskets," and"Thunderbirds," to name a few.

The common assumption in modern times is that these mysterious objects are spacecraft from another world. However, this is not the only theory. There is also the consideration of the problem that if they are from another world, why do they not make attempts at more open contact? If these objects have been appearing in the skies of Earth as long as historical records suggest...what indeed are they?

It is the premies of Taelanet that UFO's are the most importent topic in all of existance. A study of UFO's will lead the peristant researcher down as many byways of knowldge paths as the Internet will." A good UFO researcher will in time find they must study the following fields:archaeology, anthropology, psychology, psychiatry, history, art, neurology, medicine, physiology, physics, astronomy, meteorology, medicine, engineering, folklore & mythology, mathematics. This is just a start, but a good one. Ufology is one of the most all encompassing interdisciplinary fields of study. Over time, as Taelanet develops these topics on our webpages and shows the links between all these diverse fields, It will become clear to any and all what a diverse field of study this is and how important it is within the contextual framework of all other fields.

Coming articles and related material for this site will be: UFO's In Modern History UFO's in Ancient History; Theories of Propulsion; Magnetism and UFO's: Electromagnetic Effects; UFO's and World War II; NAZI UFO's; Contactees and Abductees; Star People, Wanderers, and Walk-ins; Crop Circles; Animal Mutilations: UFO Secrecy and Conspiracies; Men in Black; Pyramids and; Aliens and Fairies; This will be a good start so stay tuned. Links and resources will be added with the basic information.

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