I can't define exactly my opinion on UFOs. I have seen odd aerial phenomena myself and had what seemed to be a subjective interaction with a UFO and its occupants. This initial encounter caused me to recall that Taela was another planet. Until that time I had felt certain memories (which I thought could be past-life memories) were some ancient earth civilization I had not yet found in any references. I was only 13 at the time of my initial UFO incident. I can't prove to myself (or anyone else) what really happened and there are contradictions that keep me in doubt. However, based on the large body of other accounts I have to assume there is some reality to UFOs. How they tie-in to being Taelan, if at all, is still a mystery. For my take on it, if it is a case of interplanetary reincarnation, what is with the UFOs? Clearly we are no longer flying them, though many of us remember various types of anti-gravitational craft. However, what are called UFOs here don't seem to be the same - though a possible connection is not entirely ruled out either. There is some evidence they are indeed connected to those of us on the planet and are acting as backup controls to whatever it is we came here to do. Most of us don't fully remember why we came or if there was a why. Some think it is to help the earth, but other memories and evidence suggest we came here to hide from an enemy. More data is necessary to figure out just what UFOs are, and how they tie-in with Star People in general and Taelans in particular.