It has often been said that Utopian societies are an impossibility. That the so-called "human condition" and man's "inhumanity to man" will preclude it. Well why? Or rather when your philosophy 101 professor asks the classic question "why?" The classic answer is or should be "why not!" If we can conceive of it, if we can dream it, we can do it, we can make it happen. Nothing is impossible.

The first problem is the "One man's heaven is another man's hell" problem. A Christian utopia may not jive with a Muslim utopia and so on. Would a world without war be a Utopia to a career soldier? Would a world without disease or death be a Utopia to physicians and healers? What about police? They lose in a world without crime. No death puts a period to the funeral and cemetary industries as well. Healing and medicine will not totally end as new problems will always arise, and an immortal is not necessarily invulnerable, accidents and injuries can still happen, though some projections of nanotech suggest a near instantaneous repair capacity from even the most devastating of traumas. Military people can always keep the training alive, the discipline as a sort of sport and a backup just in case we ever again run into another society that does not view peace and prosperity as a good thing. Police could merge with the military. The combined police and military could be modeled on old Taoist Monestaries with a little modern science included. Those are some ideas. As to those who feel the need to die in order to adhere to some religious belief or other, I suppose death could be allowed for those who desire it for a time. But I remember a quote (by someone whose name I can't remember) that goes something like: "Each death diminishes us all...".

As a utopian society progresses it reaches a point where an outside observer can not tell a very high tech society from a low tech one. You might see people riding horses over a roadless terrain when you first arrive and think this is a low tech culture, but when our immortal utopian denizens want to go somewhere a long distance away in a great hurry, they dismount their horses and hop in an aircar with hyperdrive and can be halfway around their paradisical world in a very short time. One could conceiveably commute from one side of the world or other if work in this society continues. But the way people work and earn "wealth" will change. Wealth is a state of contrast. One is "wealthy" in comparison to many who are not, like "the "poor." Now a Utopian society is probably not a communistic society. A Utopian society run by sage immortals does not have a government system that is overly complex as most of the current functions of governments are met by strong independent capable individuals. "Oh No!" You mean politicians will be displaced in a Utopian society! Oh, horrors what will we ever do for lurid entertainment?!"

A Utopian world will have some sort of loosely structured central world government, but not a government like any that exist on Earth presently. It would be more of a central council for solving world- affecting problems like weather and incoming asteroids and young races whose technological developments have outpaced their morals, ethics and wisdom levels. See all you military guys won't have to be shelved, more evil is always out there just waiting for a fight. An immortal Utopian society that has achieved a very high level of technology or reached what some engineers and scientists like to call "singularity" has individuals who spend most of their time pursuing enjoyable interests. At first this seems an increase in wild behavior. Ten years or so of planetary mindless partying, then boredom sets in and immortals discover that the pursuit of knowledge on all fronts is one of the most interesting games in town. Immortals like to garden, create muscic, dance, enjoy art and pursue pure research. The love of beauty allows the collective creation of garden planets without equal. Every member of such a society has a talent in several areas that would deem them a master of that art. It is a society of Michaelangelos, Einsteins, Teslas, Mozarts, Beethovens, Frank Lloyd Wrights, Marie Curies, and George Washington Carvers. Such a society will see wonders yet undreamed, for each world's journey into species maturity brings new and wonderous things to the material realm. Such a society would also see personal physical beauty and skills on an unparalleled level. Everyone could become their own idea of their most perfect self. Oh no, there goes the diet industry too! No one will ever have to live with what they consider a physical problem or imperfection ever again. But if any chose to stay as they now are, they would be loved for the wonderful individual they are. Each baby born looks out with open and hopeful eyes. Each new child is a voracious learning machine and our present society fails most children miserably. That will also end in time. Children need and deserve love, not just from their parents but from all adults. In a true Utopia a child belongs to everyone. so no child need ever fear abuse and death again. Of course cleaning up most peoples psychological problems will occupy a few decades to be sure, but immortality gives us infinite time. I have given most of you enough to think about and remember at this point. We can argue about the deatails of a Utopian earth in the section I will dedicate to this topic.